Introducing Propagation Labs and the Snow Scope app

We are beyond excited to announce our new partnership with Propagation Labs and to promote their Snow Scope app to our snow observers community. We have listened to you – fellow CSO participants – and with the retirement of the ‘Mountain Hub’ app this fall, it was an easy decision for our team to engage…

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Laughing, learning, collaborating, and community building – the indicators of a tremendously successful program

By: Katie Strahl and Nina Aragon This February, Basecamp Cascadia, Team Naturaleza, She Colors Nature and Community Snow Observations joined forces to put on Winter in the Wild Community Day – with financial support from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington and pizza from Dan’s Food Market in Leavenworth.  A little about these organizations:…

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Starting today: Water Year Contest!

To keep track of the seasonal changes in groundwater availability, river flow and so on, hydrologists follow a rather distinct calendar; they split up the year by movement of water through different medium. October 1st is the “first day of the new year” as it typically marks the first day of (potential) snow fall. Of…

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The story behind the photo: Sam Hamilton

This terrific powder shot by Sam Hamilton placed top #3 in our 2021 Instagram spring photo contest. We tracked down the winners to get their stories behind the photos. Here are the words by Sam Hamilton: “Even low-snow years have their perfect days!  After weeks of storms passing to our north only providing us only…

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July Newsletter

hiker on rock

Many people are into those “Ski every month” typeof challenges. Are you one of them? For some of us,summer rather means enjoying the change of activities [and gear] and viewing nature from different lenses.

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2019–2020 Winter Season Summary

colorado students

Despite the unpleasant end to the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere due to COVID-19 pandemic, and that left many of us asking “To go or not to go into the backcountry?”, there were many wonderful things that happened to the Community Snow Observations project during the winter of 2019/2020.

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