Sarah Carter

sarah heck carter

Sarah Carter lives in Valdez, Alaska, teaching in Valdez City Schools, instructing for Alaska Avalanche Information Center, and forecasting for the Valdez Avalanche Center. She’s passionate about finding our sense of place—contributing to the social and ecological landscapes we live in.
Sarah thinks it is important to connect people and their environment. Every day, she tries to reflect on the good—take a deep breath and ask, “What good happened today? Did I make something good today?”

Working in the ski patrol/snow safety/avalanche industry led Sarah to realize every time you learn something about snow, there are five more questions that arise. Observing snow and sharing those observations with others enables collective recognition of patterns across time and space. To Sarah, citizen science means taking an inquiry-based approached to the world around us, and believes that collaborations such as CSO help improve improve community ties. It’s fun. It motivates you to get out. It is a wonderful way to contribute to your community!