Philip Henderson

philip henderson

Philip Henderson lives in Cortez, Colorado, working as a repair and outreach specialist at Osprey Packs. He’s passionate about skiing, climbing, mountain biking, gardening, music, and life. Philip thinks it’s important to understand his connection the environment and how he moves within it. Every day he tries to remind himself about his impact on the environment and other people around him, and the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Philip’s snow science background started back in 1994 when he became a NOLS instructor. From 1995–2004 he led backcountry ski expeditions, where he was required to make daily snow observations, as well as to dig and and document a study pit once during a 14 day course. He was also required to teach students the basics of avalanche awareness. Philip’s interest carried on into his personal skiing. For years, he’s been making himself aware of the snow cycle from the beginning of the season to the end, wherever my location. He has had the opportunity to experience and observe snow intercontinental and maritime snow packs in the northern and southern hemispheres throughout his career. In 2022, he lead the first all Black team to the summit of Mount Everest with Full Circle Expeditions.

What is community science? Why join CSO?

To Philip, community science is common members of our community helping scientist collect data that may otherwise be unobtainable at specific times and in specific areas that may help them understand what scientific chances are happening locally and globally. And, it helps the common person increase their knowledge in an area that may not be their area of expertise, but may be an area of interest.

Philip joined CSO to regain his passion for snow science, to give more meaning to his weekly excursions into the backcountry. And, to provide a meaningful and strong link between CSO and the community of black and other minority backcountry skiers. Joining CSO is fun, it gets you outside, builds community, provides much-needed on the ground work that scientists are not able to do alone. It also provides an opportunity to increase your own knowledge about snow science.

Follow Phil on his adventures on Instagram @phil_henderson