Lucas Johnson

Lucas lives in Syracuse, New York, and is a PhD candidate at SUNY ESF studying forest carbon mapping and monitoring in New York State. He’s passionate about outdoor adventures, open data, maps, and science. His experience in snow science comes from taking avalanche safety courses and spending time backcountry skiing. To Lucas, it’s important to “go slow. Ask for help. Be kind to yourself. Read books. Talk to people. Ask questions. Keep an open mind. Chase the things that make you happy. Make space for others to do the same.”

What is community science? Why join CSO?

With community science, Lucas says, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is all about harnessing our collective capabilities as observers to ask questions, make inferences, and learn about the world in ways we couldn’t just on our own.” Lucas joined CSO because he loves skiing, climbing mountains, and winter travel in the backcountry. For him, joining CSO seemed like a great way to support the scientists who not only work to understand how a warming climate is changing snowpacks around the world, but also make snow/weather/climate data available to the public in the process.


Find Lucas on Twitter @lucaskjohnson03