James Molloy

james molloy

James Molloy lives in Jackson, Wyoming, playing hard in the mountains and procrastinating on his graduate studies in geosciences and water resources. James is passionate about lines through tight trees, setting hooks, and exploring far off the beaten path. An endless curiosity of how ecosystems are connected helps bring some spice to outdoor recreation. A deeper understanding of our playgrounds can’t hurt!

Every spring James is a student of how snowmelt impacts river conditions, but when it comes to snowpack morphology he’s merely a young buck coming up in the game, really enjoying his trip along the learning curve. Winter is an exceptional time to learn about avalanche danger and snow science in this part of the world. Forecasting avalanche danger and identifying safe terrain is both interesting and important in the backcountry.

What is citizen science? Why join CSO?

To James, citizen science means the community is aware and interested in efforts to further understand our environment. James joined CSO with interest in getting involved in hydrological research. He’s always been interested in how people react to science. Recording snow observations also helps him slow down and pay attention to the snowpack.

Participating in CSO is easy, improves your understanding of the snowpack, and helps CSO provide more accurate data for water resource and fisheries management. The Jackson Hole/Greater Yellowstone region is home to the headwaters of several continental rivers. CSO’s model could become a great resource for our rivers.