Geneva Mayall

Geneva lives in Bend, Oregon, where she enjoys backcountry skiing and works with Native American community outreach. She is passionate about making outdoor recreation a more accessible and safe space.  As a Native woman, Geneva is constantly thinking about her relationship with the land and how to move in reciprocity. She says “If we aren’t thinking about those who have taken care of and been in relation with the land we recreate on since time immemorial, then our ‘playgrounds’ will start to disappear.”

Every day, Geneva tries to remind herself that any movement outside is a blessing; whether its a big day in the high alpine or just walking my dog to the mailbox. She adds “Never take these moments for granted, never take health for granted.”

What is community science? Why join CSO?

To Geneva, community science offers an awesome way to get involved in a community of like-minded people, making observations, putting together puzzle pieces, to hopefully tell a bigger story. Geneva says she is an undercover science nerd — she loves being a part of citizen science projects to gain a better understanding of the ecosystems that we live in. According to Geneva, the best way to give back to the land and the community that has fostered her love for skiing is to educate herself on the nuances of how these landscapes come to be!

When we ask Geneva why others should join CSO, she puts it upfront “Climate change is inevitable. As someone that has lived and recreated in the same area for most of my life, I have seen the impacts of climate change in all seasons. To me, the best way to overcome the existential dread that comes along with climate change is by education. Educating ourselves and our community on the impacts of climate change and our snowpack provides better understanding.”

Check out Geneva on Instagram @gen_n_juus