Bobby Lieberman

bobby lieberman

Bobby Lieberman lives in Anchorage, Alaska, working construction in the summers and teaching avalanche safety in the winters. He’s currently in school as a pre-nursing major at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Bobby is passionate about breakfast burritos, his mom’s berry pies, and getting outside. He also thinks it is important for us to realize that snowboarder turns are better. It gives us an unachievable gold standard that ultimately builds character and style points. Every day, he tries to remind himself about having fun.

Bobby’s background in snow science started out as more of a passion, with a desire to ski big Alaska lines like the pros. Naturally he had to start learning what’s safe and unsafe, and what generally makes conditions more or less rideable. He became interested in the snowpack through a necessity to read it, which then led me to teach avalanche safety courses and share the information he’s learned.

What is citizen science? Why join CSO?

Bobby says, “Citizen Science means that anyone can provide valuable data and be a part of a team of rad scientists! Join CSO because you can win sick prizes and make a difference in the snow world! Taking a probe depth takes like 45 seconds, after 20 or so measurements I started to feel like I was actually getting a better picture of snow distribution on the mountain in a way I would not have seen or cared had it not been for the CSO project. Not to mention people will think you’re an “avalanche expert” if you’re getting your probe out on a regular basis and recording data.”

Find Bobby on Instagram at @bobbyliebs.