Sarah Sallade

Sarah runs a small parent coaching and nature education business called Growing Home. She lives in Littleton, New Hampshire, where she homeschools her two children ages 2 and 6 — and they are part of her snow observation team! Sarah is passionate about providing outside opportunities to all families, providing brain-based natural science education, and protecting our planet from climate change.

Sarah has lived and skied in New England her whole life; so much of her knowledge is from day to day experience outside. She has a BS and MS in Natural Resources and MEd in Secondary Science, and she also had a study-abroad experience in Norway, so a variety of her courses covered a range of snow-related topics.

Sarah thinks it’s important to make being outside and in nature part of your everyday routine. Every day, Sarah reminds herself that objective observation leads to internal awareness, joy in our children, and a greater understanding of the world around us.

Sweet fact: Sarah and her husband make sure their children know that they are a family team where everyone matters and everyone has something to contribute. This helps them live in harmony both in everyday lives and on bigger adventures.

What is community science? Why join CSO?

Sarah says that [community science] allows a person from any background to contribute to a body of science in a meaningful way. She joined CSO to have a positive impact on her Earth and to share that ideal with her children….and she loves snow and all the fun activities you can do in it!


Find Sarah on Instagram @mrssallade