Data in Remote Environments

I finished school in 2010 and walked away with a BS in environmental science and a pair of Master’s degrees in biology and oceanography. I immediately went into a career of working as a ski guide, climbing guide, and avalanche professional in central Oregon. I guess you could say I was ready for a career change. My interest in science never left and I began thinking of ways I could combine my training in biological and earth science with my guiding skills. Then about 5 years ago, I started Hartz Science Explorations with the goal of working with scientists conducting field work.

It has been an interesting ride. This summer I will be going to Greenland for the third time. I will be working with a climate/glaciology/geology group from Northwestern University. I will be in charge of safety and helping the team move through any terrain challenges and also assisting with the field work collecting rock and soil samples and other data. I have also worked more locally building weather stations and doing forestry work.

I continue to guide in the ski, alpine, and rock realms. I am a certified ski guide through the American Mountain Guides Association, and I am also working my way through the rock and alpine guide programs and I hope to attain IFMGA guide status in the future. I believe this will open up more opportunities to work with scientists around the world in the mountains.

CSO Ambassador Aaron Hartz has been one of our most prolific participants, logging well over 100 measurements since he began participating. No matter what crazy experiment you can dream up, and not matter where, he can measure it!

Find out more at Hartz Science.

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