Joe Klementovich

Joe is a professional photographer, and is passionate about being in the mountains and wild places. Joe spent a handful of years as a backcountry snow ranger and avalanche forecaster in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He now lives in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Joe thinks it’s important to get climate change on everyone’s agenda and start making positive steps to turn things around. Everyday he reminds himself that he lives in a great part of the world, but there’s lots of work to be done.

Fun fact: Joe doesn’t mind suffering.



What is citizen science? Why join CSO?

Joe has been involved in a few citizen science projects in the past, and he thinks CSO is important because it’s adding information that is directly impacting climate work and forecasting. [Citizen science] to him means that we can all get involved and better understand the data and science going on. He emphasizes that “if you help collect data you’re more apt to be invested in the scientific process and the outcomes.” He also adds that “most of the winter I’m in the mountains, and it seems like a no-brainer to collect data at the same time.”


Check out Joe’s photography: