Aaron Hartz

aaron hartz

Aaron Hartz lives in Bend, Oregon, where he works as a ski guide, climbing guide, snowpack observer, and avalanche forecaster. He also has a business to do freelance scientific field work. Aaron is passionate about mountains, skiing, climbing, and snow. He serves as a snowpack observer and avalanche forecaster for the Central Oregon Avalanche Association, and helped to start a Type 2 avalanche center in Central Oregon.

What is citizen science? Why join CSO?

Everyone on this earth is dependent on water. It is very interesting to see the link between mountain snow and ice and how it fits into the larger picture of the Earth’s water cycle. By joining the CSO, I can contribute to the project and help scientists gain data.

Citizen science means people coming together and collecting data for a good cause. Why join CSO? It is fun and a great way to get out and check out the snowpack. There are so many backcountry skiers moving through the mountains with the perfect snow depth measuring device—the avalanche probe. By making a few measurements here and there, you can help scientists to better understand the Earth’s water cycle. That is something we can all benefit from.