Our Commitment to Safety

Make public and personal safety a priority when traveling in the backcountry.

We can all play a role in "flattening the curve" with respect to this global pandemic:

  • Follow recommended protective guidelines for COVID-19
  • Consult with local government agencies regarding rules, recommendations, and possible land closures related to this public health crisis
  • Practice safe snow travel to minimize stress on mountain rescue and medical facilities, some of which may already be stretched thin at this time
  • Learn and/or review avalanche safety guidelines, and consult with avalanche professionals to check on local conditions

Practice the "3 checks"

Pro tip!

A great way to physically distance this season is to try to visit areas that are less crowded. Check our Community Snow Observations web application and try to find areas with fewer measurements.

We hope you can then contribute measurements to our project and help us fill in the gaps. This way we can all stay safe—and help improve the science. Thank you!


Check in

with local public health authorities and land managers before you head out into the backcountry


Check on

local avalanche conditions and be sure you have the gear and training to be safe in the backcountry


Check out

less crowded destinations to maximize physical distancing (and chances to discover untracked powder!)